If you are looking for one of the best high-quality saw blade manufacturers in the world, look no further than Konigtools & Teknik Testere  in Istanbul, Turkey. Since 1980, we have developed the expertise and know-how, efficient, quality and precision driven manufacturing processes for all types of blades: surgical and machine knives, industrial hand knives, professional contracting tools or OEM products. We take pride in being able to supply you with the right blade performance. We strip grind blades to enable low costs for our customers or can use conventional machine knife grinders or a manual process.

With our in-house expertise, wire EDM and laser machinery, we can design precisely the blade you desire, and a prototype for your approval. After material selection, the crucial step of heat-treating is applied. Our on-site heat treatment and metallurgist ensures that your blade has the correct hardness for optimal performance.
We have the expertise and equipment to meet your needs and look forward to your inquiry.